Need a Visa?

[What do these mean?]

So, how does it work?

BAT Visas will make your visa process simple. We will guide you through the paperwork, even complete the forms on your behalf if you prefer. We will give you a fast and secure service at an affordable price. Here is how it works:

The Preparation

You know which country you are visiting but do you know if you need a visa? The BAT Visa search will tell you. You then need to decide if you require a business, tourist or transit visa and whether you want a single, double or multiple entry.

The Paperwork

We will tell you exactly what’s needed to get your visa or invite. Along with our order form, we will send you links to the online application forms, or if you prefer a simpler form to be completed by hand for us to do the rest. We can also offer guidance and provide you with any additional supporting documents that may be needed.

The Handover

Send in all the documents we’ve asked for, along with payment and leave it to us to get your visa processed.

The Return

Once issued, we will ensure everything is as you’ve asked for before returning all documents to you by your chosen method.